Elizabeth Gabay MW
Jan 2015

Vin Cuit Producers

This is a provisional working list of producers of vin cuit - the sweet cooked wine traditionally served at Christmas in Provence. I have tasted a few of them at various tastings. As can be seen from the details provided for some of the wines, there is a wide range of varieties and length of ageing time, and styles are very different. Main producers of vin cuit

  1. Domaine Les Bastides, north of Aix
  2. Chateau Beaulieu, north of Aix
  3. Domaine Naïs, north of Aix
  4. Domaine Les Toulons, east of Aubagne, north of Bandol
  5. Clos d'Albizzi, Cassis - 100% Marsanne aged for 8 months in barrique
  6. Mas de Cadenet Negrel, Trets - Rolle, Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah, aged in oak for 2 years
  7. Château Grand Boise, Trets - Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault, Carignan
  8. Clos la Neuve, east of Tret
  9. Les Vignerons du Mistral, east of Virant - need to verify they make vin cuit
  10. Château Virant, just to west of Suriane
  11. Domaine Camaïssette, west of Aix towards Salon
  12. Domaine de Suriane, west of Aix, Berre l'Etang
  13. Domaine du Mas Bleu, south east of Aix and south of the Berre l'Etang  - Grenache and Clairette, aged 1 year in barrel
  14. Chateau St Martin, Taradeau