About me

I have been in the wine trade since 1986, when I founded Elizabeth Gabay & Partners. I moved to south-eastern France in 2002, and am now based between Provence,the Rhone/Languedoc, Liguria and Piedmont.

I became a Master of Wine in 1998, and am active teaching current students. I specialise in the South of France, Central Europe, and rosé.

I also started to work in Hungary over twenty years ago and have continued to work extensively with wines from across Central Europe. I make my own wine in Slovakia, in partnership with Vladimir Magula. The first vintage will be released by the end of 2021 - you can read more about the adventure behind it here!

My work

As well as keeping the Pink.Wine rosé guide updated, I work with vineyards and wine businesses across Europe.

My business is a family one: I work with my husband David Bernheim and son Ben. We primarily help vineyards expand their rosé business, as well as building their online communications and sales.

I'd love to keep you in the loop about projects I'm working on, articles I'm writing, and ways I'm bringing rosé businesses to the fore. By filling out this form, you're giving me permission to email you my newsletter.

I'd love to know what you're interested in!