Elizabeth Gabay MW

3 styles of sweet rosé that prove that pink doesn't have to mean dry

Sweet rosé has a bad reputation for cheap-and-cheerful. But there are also plenty of options at the really high end.

Feb 2022

Where to draw the line - vineyard cartography

Should wine maps be simplified and 'dumbed down'? Which simplifications are acceptable - and where do we draw the line on a map?

Feb 2022

My top 16 sparkling pinks of 2021

Champagne is a classic for New Year's Eve, so let's look further afield with this selection of sparkling pinks, with everything from natural wine to vintage Champagne.

Dec 2021

Finger Lakes AVA and three Rieslings to try

Riesling makes up over half of the production of the Finger Lakes AVA, a cool-climate and continental wine region moderated by... lakes.

Dec 2021

Island rosés

Rosé conjures up images of beaches, but what about the wines that are produced in close proximity to the sea - on islands?

Nov 2021

What are thiols and why do they matter for rosé?

Why does your rosé wine smell of grapefruit?

Sep 2021

Chardonnay - Limoux to Chablis regional styles

A 23-wine blind tasting to identify regional styles of Chardonnay in Limoux, Languedoc, Burgundy and Chablis

Jul 2021

Finding value-for-money in Bordeaux 2020

An exploration of different price points, different styles, different ageing potential

Jun 2021

Italian Grenache Rosés of the Tyrrhenian Sea

The story of Grenache around the Tyrrhenian Sea is as much a historic romance as it is about wine.

Feb 2021

Grenache Gris (grey, white, pink and orange)

An incredibly versatile grape that forms the backbone of the Western Med's reds - and more!

Nov 2020

Valenci Negre, a unicorn vin gris

Recovering ancient Phoenician vines and vineyards by the coast of Alicante by a salt lagoon

Oct 2020

Cedars, Mountains and Vines - wines of Lebanon

A look at some premium high-altitude Lebanese reds and whites

Aug 2020

Israeli Rosé Evolution

High altitude, high quality rosés from the Golan and Judean Hills

Aug 2020

Austrian rosé - The hills are alive with the taste of rosé

A fast growing category of good and improving quality

Mar 2020

Authentic Wines of Slovakia

There's more to this forgotten wine region that off-dry bulk wine

Mar 2020

Exploring Negroamaro Rosati in Salento

A really exciting rosé from Puglia

Jan 2020

A Sweet New Year!

Always a family favourite, sweet wines are too often neglected despite being loved by consumers and trade alike

Dec 2019

Canary Pink

Yet another small Atlantic island off the African coast that makes shockingly good wine

Aug 2019

Stockinger barrels at Domaine de Trevallon

A look at one of the most important (and expensive!) components in the winemaking process

Aug 2019

Rioja Rosados with Altitude

Yet another example of high-altitude wines, and fresh rosés from a traditional red region

Jul 2019

Languedoc rosés coming up roses

France's largest rosé-producing region... makes a lot of rosé.

May 2019

Rosé in restaurants

Apr 2019

Volcanoes and Pine Barrels

Apr 2019

The 2019 Coteaux Varois Tasting

Apr 2019

Three Serious Bordeaux Rosés

Bordeaux's rosés are moving from the traditional almost-red 'clairet' to more fashionable paler, lighter styles - but the potential for quality wines is still there

May 2018

Moving Greek Rosé Forward

May 2018

Twenty-four Gamay Rosés from the Saône and the Loire

There's so much more to Gamay than Beaujolais Nouveau, it also makes some fantastis rosés across France, from simple and fresh to complex and intense.

Apr 2018

Strawberry Fields on Schist... forever

Apr 2018

Moving on from Bull’s Blood

Mar 2018

The Polish Pink Wine Revolution

Mar 2018

Pink Méthode Ancestrale - Bugey-Cerdon vs Clairette de Die

Jan 2018

Behind the Scenes of ‘Rosé Understanding the pink wine revolution’

Jan 2018

Wine fair war in Montpellier

Mar 2017

Kadarka, Cadarca, Gamza

Jan 2017

Defining Szekszárdi Bikavér

Dec 2016

Hungarian Cabernet Franc

Dec 2016

The Rosés of Serbia

Sep 2016

353 Shades of Rosé

Aug 2016

A Taste of Modern Cypriot Rosés

Jul 2016

Le Nid Restaurant, Flayosc

Jul 2016

Southern French Carignan Revival

May 2016

Wine, Films, Action!

May 2016

Rosé 2015 Tasting from Coteaux d’Aix-en-Provence

May 2016

Tasting of Coteaux Varois en Provence Rosé 2015

Apr 2016

Côtes de Provence Pierrefeu Rosé 2015

Apr 2016

Rosé Pink and Azur Blue – the launch of a new brand for the Côte d’Azur

Apr 2016

A Bouquet of Tibouren Rosés

Provence's unique, traditional rosé grape variety

Mar 2016

10 Exciting White Wines at Vinisud 2016

Feb 2016

Vinisud 2016 - The Mediterranean Wine Trade Fair

Feb 2016

Rediscovering Forgotten Grapes

Dec 2015

A Tasting of International Rosés

Aug 2015

The Six Vineyards of St Antonin du Var

Aug 2015

Chez Bruno of Lorgues

Jul 2015

Rosé Wine for the Pool or Beach

Jul 2015

What's New at Château de Bellet

Jul 2015

Wining and Dining in Budapest

Jul 2015

Rosé Wines from Central Europe

Jun 2015

Rosé Wines from Liguria

May 2015

Premium Rosé Tasting '#poshpinks15'

May 2015

Unpronounceable Grapes from Hungary

Cserszegi füszeres is labelled in the UK market as "The Unpronounceable Grape" - are other Hungarian grapes handicapped by their spelling?

Apr 2015

The 2014 rosés of Coteaux Varois-en-Provence

Apr 2015

Wines of Liguria

Apr 2015

The sub-appellations of Côtes de Provence Sainte Victoire

Apr 2015

2014 Rosé Wines from Coteaux-de-Aix

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Apr 2015

2014 Rosé Wines from Provence in 2015 - part 1

Mar 2015

Provençal Carignan

Mar 2015

A Trio of Provencal Reds

Jan 2015

A Taste of Carignan

Carignan is famous in the Languedoc and Roussillon, but is shaking off its cheap, bulk reputation in Israel, where it is experiencing quite the revival

Jan 2015

Galettes des Rois (king cakes) and the Nabatean Spice Route

Jan 2015

Vin Cuit Producers

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Jan 2015

Christmas in Provence Vin Cuit and the 13 Desserts

Dec 2014

Clairette de Die - the importance of direction

Sep 2014

Cornish Pastis

Sep 2014

Tasting of IGP Alpes Maritimes wines

Hosted by ASNCAP at Chateau de Crémat, showcased the patchwork of burgeoning wine culture in the Alpes Maritimes.

May 2014

Winter Blues, Provençal Reds

Jan 2014

Le Barbecue, Nice

Jan 2014

Restaurant St Roch, Roquebrune-sur-Argens

Nov 2013

Saffron - the Red-Gold of Venanson

Oct 2013

Maison du Midi, Lorgues

Sep 2013

Looking at the Rosé wines of Provence and Elsewhere

Jun 2013

Bellet 2012 vintage tasting

May 2013

Côteaux Varois en Provence 2013

Apr 2013

Pierrefeu-Côtes-de-Provence - a new sub-appellation

Mar 2013

Balsamic Vinegar Tasting 1990

Feb 2013

Le Clos St Antoine

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Dec 2012

Perfume and Flowers

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Dec 2012

Jewish Food in Provence

Dec 2012

Norwegian Beer on the Côte d'Azur

Nov 2012

Balsamic Vinegar

Nov 2012

The History of the Provençal Wine Bottle

Nov 2012

Vin Cuit

Nov 2012

Anything but Rosé Provencal Wine Traditions

Nov 2012

Moscato di Taggia

Wine archaeology - recreating a famous medieval wine, just down the road from me

Nov 2012

Le Vignoble des Hautes Collines

The Rasse brothers of the Vignoble des Hautes Collines de la Cote d’Azur make small quantities of extraordinary wine just below the Baou of Saint Jeannet

Nov 2012

Articles, Competitions and Talks

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Nov 2012

Saffron Harvest

Oct 2012

Roman Wine and the Grand Tour event at The Sir John Soane Museum

Apr 2012

Celebration at the 30th Oxford Food Symposium

Jul 2011

La vite e il vino in Liguria e nelle Alpi Marittime dal Medioevo ai giorni nostri

Life and wine in Liguria in the Alpes Maritimes from Medieval times to the present day

May 2011

Roman Wine at Mas de Tourelles and Glanum

My visit to a vineyard that makes wine the Roman way

Apr 2011