Central Europe

Bits of it are in the West, bits in the East. Everyone will be insulted to be lumped together - but like it or not, Blaufrankisch, Welschriesling and cool climates tie half of Europe together.

Austrian rosé - The hills are alive with the taste of rosé

A fast growing category of good and improving quality

Mar 2020

Authentic Wines of Slovakia

There's more to this forgotten wine region that off-dry bulk wine

Mar 2020

Moving on from Bull’s Blood

Mar 2018

The Polish Pink Wine Revolution

Mar 2018

Kadarka, Cadarca, Gamza

Jan 2017

Defining Szekszárdi Bikavér

Dec 2016

Hungarian Cabernet Franc

Dec 2016

The Rosés of Serbia

Sep 2016

Wining and Dining in Budapest

Jul 2015

Rosé Wines from Central Europe

Jun 2015

Unpronounceable Grapes from Hungary

Cserszegi füszeres is labelled in the UK market as "The Unpronounceable Grape" - are other Hungarian grapes handicapped by their spelling?

Apr 2015