France is a vast and varied viticultural world to itself. If you're specifically interested in its rosés, check out my Guide to the Rosés of Southern France

3 styles of sweet rosé that prove that pink doesn't have to mean dry

Sweet rosé has a bad reputation for cheap-and-cheerful. But there are also plenty of options at the really high end.

Feb 2022

Where to draw the line - vineyard cartography

Should wine maps be simplified and 'dumbed down'? Which simplifications are acceptable - and where do we draw the line on a map?

Feb 2022

My top 16 sparkling pinks of 2021

Champagne is a classic for New Year's Eve, so let's look further afield with this selection of sparkling pinks, with everything from natural wine to vintage Champagne.

Dec 2021

Island rosés

Rosé conjures up images of beaches, but what about the wines that are produced in close proximity to the sea - on islands?

Nov 2021

Chardonnay - Limoux to Chablis regional styles

A 23-wine blind tasting to identify regional styles of Chardonnay in Limoux, Languedoc, Burgundy and Chablis

Jul 2021

Twenty-four Gamay Rosés from the Saône and the Loire

There's so much more to Gamay than Beaujolais Nouveau, it also makes some fantastis rosés across France, from simple and fresh to complex and intense.

Apr 2018